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import xlrd, json
from pprint import pprint
type = ""
allccf = {}
for sid in range(wb.nsheets):
    s = wb.sheet_by_index(sid)
    data = [tuple([s.cell_value(i,j) for j in range(s.ncols)]) for i in range(s.nrows)]
    for i,line in enumerate(data):
        if line[0]=="序号":
            abc = data[i-1][0].split("、")[1].replace("类", "").strip()
            if i-2>=0:
                type = data[i-2][0].split("\n")[-1].strip().strip("(())").replace("/","/").split("/")[0].replace("计算机","")
            table = data[i+1:]
    newtable = []
    for i in table:
        if not any([str(j).strip() for j in i]):
        id, simple, full, publisher, url = [str(j).replace("\n"," ").replace("  "," ") for j in i[:-1]] # remove last empty column
        url = {
            "Performance Evaluation: An International Journal":"",
            'Journal of Electronic Testing-Theory and Applications': "",
            "Hot Chips: A Symposium on High Performance Chips": "",
            "ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security":"",
            "Computer Law and Security Review":"",
            "IFIP WG 11.9 International Conference on Digital Forensics":"",
            "Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds":"",
            "IET Computer Vision":"",
            "IET Signal Processing":"",
            "International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing":"",
            "Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security": "",
        }.get(full, url)
        if "dblp" not in url:
            #print([id, simple, full, publisher, url])
            url = "/".join(url.split("/")[4:6])
        newtable.append([id, simple, full, publisher, url])
        if url in allccf:
            #print(i, allccf[url]) # we find that aisaccs link is wrong
            assert allccf[url][1] == abc # same item in different categories, should be same in ABC
            allccf[url] = (allccf[url][0]+"/"+type, abc)
            allccf[url] = (type, abc)
    #print(type, abc, [i[4] for i in newtable])